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The Stories Behind the Story

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I have presented a PowerPoint program, "The Stories Behind the Story," several places in the last year. The first was in Hawthorne, NV at the history museum, followed by one at our local history museum in Yucaipa, CA. At the Cowboy Festival in Newhall in April, we did one in the library. And most recently, I presented one at the Mono Basin Historical Society meeting in Lee Vining, CA, on the shores of Mono Lake, 25 miles south of Bridgeport. Here are some photos from some of those events. As you can see, I made lots of new friends! And I saw some old ones as well! My presentation is about how the story came to me, what I did with it, how the book got started and researched and written. There are several interesing side stories that come from the research process. Sometimes I also talk about how I published the book and some of the aspects of today's publishing industry if I think that might be of interest to the audience. Response has been very positive. If you know of a place that might want such a presentation, put in a plug for me!

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